Take The Stairs

The intention of a “Take the Stairs” initiative is to help employees improve their health by incorporating healthy activities into their daily routines. One easy way is to choose the stairs versus the elevator. As with any health promotion program that is focused on physical activity it is important to remind employees to check with their doctor before starting any new type of physical activity program.

This toolkit provides options for businesses that have elevators. In the Appendix, you will find suggestions that can be implemented should this activity not apply to your organization.

The “Take the Stairs” campaign is based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) program, Take the Stairs to Better Health. Take the Stairs presents an important opportunity to increase daily physical activity because of low personal cost and convenience. Point of decision prompts and motivational signage that encourages stair use is a great way to promote your program. Placing signs at the places where people have a choice between the stairs and the elevator is a key aspect of encouraging people to use the stairs. Each organization is different and messages that motivate some may not be motivating to others. It is important to consider your audience, and tailor the message accordingly.

• PDF called: Use the Stairs Toolkit
• PDF called: Ready to Use Stairwell Signs
• Portal to Customize Stairwell Signs

Instructions to add your logo in a Word Document:
1. Select the sample logo then delete it
2. Go to Insert > Picture> Select the logo or picture to be used.
3. Insert your organization’s logo.
4. Using a left-mouse click, select the inserted logo, and
   a. Go to the Format tab>
   b. Select Wrap Text >
   c. Select Square Alignment
5. After this step you should be able to move the logo into the desired position on the sign, and size it accordingly

For more technical assistance please contact Naeema Campbell, at ncampbell@partnersfdn.org, or (973) 746-6130, Ext. 18.

Followed by these documents and “headers”:

A. Signs you can customize with your logo

B. Insert your own copy, using a Word template

C. Insert your own copy and logo, using a Word template

D. Insert your own copy using a Publisher template

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